The progress of a painting

I am having great fun with this painting.  I don’t normally paint people so it’s a challenge for me.  I used to be a landscape, wildlife and buildings girl.  I think I am finally getting the feel of acrylics – I was hesitant to start working with them but they are way nicer to work with than oils when it comes to cleaning up.  This first picture was after 3 hours of working on the sketch and background.  I was trying to get the effect of dust blowing behind and around the man.

The next week I worked on the background again as I was not happy with it and started work on the man himself.  Three hours later it looked like this. I was now much happier with the background but was agonising over his shirt.

Last night I worked on the tap he is holding, the foreground and getting some depth on the ground as well as on his shirt.  I was totally absorbed for three hours and now that I look at what I did, I can not believe such a little bit of work took so long.  This is how it looks now.

Next week I will work on his hat which may be rather complex as it has tiny holes in it and the sun shines through the hat, and also the water coming out of the tap.  I may also do more work on his shirt – I will decide that as I live with him on my wall for a week and just watch him.

I know a couple of you are really fine artists so you may snigger (in a nice way of course) at my little man – the funny thing is that I really am not focussed on the final outcome – I just love disappearing into the picture for hours on end while I create.


Edit:  The finished painting can be seen here


9 thoughts on “The progress of a painting

  1. My husband is the artist in our little twosome, but I did a couple of classes to understand the concepts, and I understand your struggles. However, you have more talent than I’ll ever dream of, so keep it up 😉


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