Interested in some great pieces of art?

I met Angie through the art classes I attend.  She is a young woman who has just completed her training as a dental technologist and is now busy raising funds to open her own dental lab here in Hoedspruit.

She is a true artist as you can see from some of her pictures – my photos do them no justice!

Picture 259

Picture 209

She is so good isn’t she?

If any of you are interested in buying any of her work or if you would like to commission a painting or sketch please let me know in the comments and I will put you in touch with Angie.


15 thoughts on “Interested in some great pieces of art?

  1. woow incredible 🙂 I love the Leopard or is it a Cheetah? I forgot what is what again.. wish you a lot of fun tomorrow night at arts 🙂


  2. Thanks Jackie,

    Adding to my collection will give me an excuse to bring my bike down to ride the twisties in ET again 🙂 I love your blog, you are living the dream in my favorite part of our country, I loved your lifestyle in Belgium, but nothing beats the African bush.



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