Project Tristan – update

Thank you to all of you who kindly donated to help Tristan get the treatment he needs for his cancer.  (For more information on Tristan’s plight please click on the image of Tristan to the right of this page.)  Please note that the donations listed on the donation site are purely those that were collected online.  The community has really pulled through on this one and there have been benefit concerts and also many donations made directly into the bank account set up for his treatment.  We are still some way away from collecting the funds needed for his costly treatment, but because of what has been collected, Tristan is now in Texas and will be getting his scan results today.

Below is an email from Tristan’s mom – I have not edited it in any way.  Please continue to pray and send healing thoughts Tristan’s way.

Hi all.

Today is Friday.  I would be lying to you if  I said that I  had a good day.  I actually think it started yesterday.  We are setteling in nicely and we are getting to know other famillys.  As we exchange names it is always followed by a very suttle how long have you been here and then the big quistion:”Why are you here, what is wrong with your child”.

You reallised all the faces you see around you carrie so much pain with them.  Each and everyone.  The kiddies here in the Ronald Mc Donald house are really sick or have something really seriousely wrong with them.  Most of them have been here for months and you can see it is killing the parents to be spilt into two.  In Houston, fighting for the life of their child and at home, the other kiddies, mostly emotionally neglected.

They are tired of fighting the system, which they even have to fight here at M D Anderson, which is so supperior to the rest of the world.  And where even I had to experience it today.

Wednesday the dinner was sponsered by Ronald Mc Donald.  I think all the famillys came out of their rooms because Mc Donald’s really makes it so special for the kids.  As we qued up for dinner there were so many children in wheelshair’s and their mouths covered by a mask.  No immune system…. Chemo!  It was such an eye opener.  We were actually shocked and had to pretend that we are so use to seeing this, like everyone around us.  Our baby looks so amazing. The reason, he has not started his chemo yet.  We still have to walk the road that they have walked. My heart was broken being surrounded by reallity.  My favourate saying these days seems to be “reallity sucks”.  It sure does.

We met a familly here that has got the exact tumour as Trissie, but has not spreaded down the spine.  He’s one eye does not react well because the tumour is pressing against the eye nerve. This mom has been fighting for her little ons’s life since he was seven months old. They did the run and is still fighting for her son.  Another little boy has also got a brain tumour, you cant believe how many of them are here.  He gets proton radiation theraphy.  The same as which Tristan would get.  It looks like he got bad sunburn on his head and spine. But that is it.  Just bad sunburn.  I will include a photo of the 2 boys standing next to each other.  He is actually one of a twin.  He got it, brother did not.  If we only had the answers.

We went to the hospital today.  Little Tristan got anesthetics for 2 hours.  They did  head and spine MRI scans with and without contrast.  Shoe, you sure can take a lot of scans in 2 hours.  When my angel woke up we took him to the cafteria where he just loved a piece of piza.  At least no more noodles! It was once again so sad seeing all this sick people.  M D Anderson just treats cancer patients, so can you imagine all the cancer patients around you. My hart just broke for all these people and everyone has got a story, a life. So, so sad.

Our appointment to see the dr was 13:30.  At about 3 the resaults of the scans were still not available.  We were told to come back on MONDAY…….
I know we have a long, long difficult road ahead of us. I wish I could tell everyone that we got the resaults right away and we got our miracle that we asked for.  I wish. We just got to wait.  I think I just got to prosses everything of the last few days.  Realizing that we are also part of them. The victims of the horrible disease known as cancer.  Denial worked very well for me for a very long time.

We decided to leave Keagan with my mom and dad.  He’s tickets were booked and we were ready to take him with us.  My mom pleaded with me that we must first settle in and she will keep him in our routine.  She will fly him over later.  I was so confused.  Everyone had very valid reasons why I should do a or b.  I decided to leave him behind.  He actually thought it is Christmas now.  Staying with Ouma and Oupa where he is king.  I really thought it was the best but I have so changes my mind.  I miss him so much and he would have been so good for Tristan.  It feels like I am oxygen deprived without him by my side.  I feel the pain that so many mommys here are living every day.  I need both my babys by my side.

We have a weekend to get thru.  Today was my off day.  Luckely it was a good day for Pierre.  He lifted me up and I do forget sometimes what is happening. Its great. It is like he said:”They can not tell us anything worse than what we have already heard before.”

Thanks for everyone’s prays. Thank you very much. Please keep on begging the Lord.

Smit family


Tristan now has his own website where you can get more information.

3 thoughts on “Project Tristan – update

  1. Thank you for the update Jackie. I am so happy he is in Texas now. I know he still needs major funds for the treatment, but just getting him here was a major hurdle. Please keep us updated.


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