‘Shrooms, parties and other strange happenings

This weekend was varied and fun.  On Friday afternoon and evening we had my work end of year function.  It was so different to any that I have ever attended. We partied on the edge of the Blyde river, played paintball and did some tubing in the river. Families attended so instead of just another boring banquet, we had a great day out with our families.

Picture 091

Picture 118

On Saturday I was featured on a blog friend’s blog – thank you Mark for saying such nice things about my blog.  You can click here to see the post.  He says I look like Eva Marie Saint – his opinion is based solely on photos of me here and on facebook. This is a photo of Eva for those of you who, like me, didn’t know who she was. I have a lot to live up to!

On Sunday I went on a hike with a few friends – we started at Franklyn Park near Klaserie and walked into the mountain along a bubbling stream.

Picture 177

I spotted some tiny  mushrooms and from there on I was on a hunt to take pictures of mushrooms.

Picture 190

Picture 208

Picture 216

Picture 220

Picture 222

Picture 231

I had great fun taking these with a point and click camera. A lovely outing and a super lunch at Franklyn Park deli to finish off the morning.

I took a few photos of my cottages for those of you who have not seen our home yet (my last photos are way back in the blog archives)

The cottage on the left is The Bean’s bedroom and bathroom, next is the guest cottage and bathroom (my car does not always stay there.) The cottage with the swimming pool is the main cottage which comprises and open plan kitchen diningroom and lounge. Most of my relax time is spent on the couch you can barely see on the veranda in this picture. The last cottage on the right is my bedroom, bathroom and study.  The cottages are arranged in a semi-circle around the pool, braai (bbq) and bonfire area.  This is the view taken from the veranda

I hope you all had a super weekend!


3 thoughts on “‘Shrooms, parties and other strange happenings

  1. Boy I wish I could run and do a big cannonball into that pool! Of course, you have to make sure the Gorillas were out of the way first 🙂 Have a good day Eva Marie…. 🙂


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