Meet Hlengiwe

Today I awoke to wet and rainy world – it’s so beautiful here when its overcast and dripping. Lying cozily tucked into my bed watching droplets fall from my thatch roof outside my window, I wondered about the little baby I told you about yesterday.

This morning she was brought in to the packhouse – she was sopping wet and covered in mud.  She was again found on the same farm road.  We cleaned her up again and found her some clothes.  This is Hlengiwe.

This time we did not go to fetch her mom.  We took her to a colleagues home to be cared for, for the day.  On our way back we stopped on the farm road where we keep finding her and, in the sopping wet rain and mud, we walked through the bush tracing her tiny foot prints.  500 meters along a winding footpath we came to the compound where she lives.  It is a really, really horrible place.

We heard noises and walked around the dilapidated building to find…….. wait for it…………..  5 more tiny children sitting in the mud.  They were eating flying ants and porridge.  They thought we were very funny people and laughed at us – chattering away in their language (those big enough to talk).  We stayed there for about 15 minutes with them – and then we had to turn around and walk out – leaving them behind us.  They kept calling out to us as we walked away. It was very hard to do.

Today we talk to the authorities.

In the meantime, I am collecting old clothes (1 year to 6 years), old toys, maybe some kiddies tables and chairs and some type of gazebo or covering that we can erect to shelter these children during the day (from sun and rain).  If anyone in my area has anything that they can contribute to making these children’s lives a little better, please let me know – I will collect.

The one good thing is that they seem happy and well nourished although one little boy of about two looked a little ill and miserable.


2 thoughts on “Meet Hlengiwe

  1. You’re an amazing and compassionate woman to go out of your way to help these children Jackie. Most people would have looked the other way, then again, we know you are not most people. 🙂 It’s a GREAT thing you’re doing.


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