This one is about you


Today I posted my 200th post.  I got to thinking about you, and why you come here to read my ramblings.  I have read quite a bit over the past year about blog readership and other bloggers opinions.  There seems to be a trend in most blogging communities of more comments being written by women.  In fact, a friend of mine (who shall remain anonymous) calls his blog readers his harem.  Of about 1500 of his readers he has only managed to count 6 men. I think it may just be because we women tend to offer our opinions more freely.

When one owns a blog with WordPress (or other hosts I would guess), you get a nifty bag of goodies that comes with your blog.  We can see how many people visit over a specific time period, we get to see which search engines find us, and also what these people type into the search engine. There are however some things that these tools can’t tell us.  So today I would like to learn more about you.  Please would you kindly complete the following polls. All it takes is a few clicks – no registrations and no name taking.  You can also take a look at the results at any time.  After you complete each block, please click on the “vote” button.




I’m betting there are a few more men than estimated out there reading blogs – in fact, I know of quite a few who read my blog – so boys if you don’t complete the polls – I’ll hunt you down 🙂

Thank you for participating.

Have a lovely weekend.


4 thoughts on “This one is about you

  1. I find your postings to be a beautiful blend of events, life experiences, opinion, insights, education, and fun. Your following of your dream fulfills a bit of the need for adventure in my own life, but without the risks 😉


  2. Slowvelder – the nice thing about your blog is that one never knows or can never anticipate what is coming next. That is the way it should be I presume – as unpredictable as the course of life itself.

    The great part is that, through storytelling or “blogging” in your case, over time, one reveals oneself to one’s audience, as to what the rwal inner being is.

    Keep on blogging..

    And by the way, you now have one less male blog reader to “hunt down” :-))..and good luck in tracking down the rest of us!!


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