A few snippets from the home of Slowvelder and the Bean.

Our summer is really here now, and thankfully, we have had quite a bit of rain, so the bush is green and lush and we have not had to deal with many dry and blisteringly hot days although we do still have them.  It may also be because we have acclimatized and that we do not have to live in a tented home like we did last year.  The heat just seems so much more bearable.


Fred continues to laze around at home and admire the giraffes.  He has a passionate dislike of anything that may mildly resemble a squirrel and will go all out to kill it.  He turns his nose up, however, at squirrel meat, and deposits the whole cadaver where I will be likely to find it and admire him for his hunting skills.  He loves his hunting and is keeping us free of rats and mice (whose flavour he really enjoys – depositing only the skull, and fully intact stomach in an easy-to-find spot).  Other than that, he lies around hogging my bed and the best spot to catch the cool air from the fan.


On Tuesday night while The Bean and I were eating our dinner, I spotted a snake slither behind one of our couches in the lounge area.  In the past we would have shrieked and run.  We are, however, becoming really brave and strong.  We casually decided that we would finish our dinner and then hunt down the snake and remove him from the house.  Our last snake catching attempt had given us some bravado although it was a failure because the snake got away from us and lived in our rafters for three days watching us until he took his leave.  After dinner, we moved the couch and removed the garden furniture pillows from behind the couch, carefully checking to see that each pillow did not have a snake clinging to it. Once everything was cleared we spotted the snake (a baby about 35cm long) against the wall.  Using our snake catching hook and bucket we caught it, tried to move it, dropped it, caught it again and took him outside and set him free.  We only shrieked when he tried to escape once and when we dropped him.

Cartoon representation in order not to scare off any potential visitors – we need you!


The Bean has finished her school year and is now working at a local restaurant to earn some pocket-money.  Because her shifts start really early, she gets to stay in town on her work days.  This means Fred and I are left alone at home – we get up to loads of mischief which includes lazing on the veranda and eating finger food (and mice) instead of good and hearty meals. We don’t do much cleaning and the washing is piling up.  When the Bean’s away, the cat (and slowvelder) get to play 🙂


Giraffe photo by:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/hannes_steyn/2192835915/

2 thoughts on “A few snippets from the home of Slowvelder and the Bean.

  1. I remember the first time I stepped onto the front porch of our house and saw a snake clinging to the ceiling of the porch overhang. I’m much more aware of how well snakes climb now, so I look up as well as down 😉


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