Five reasons to live in Southern Africa

Five reasons to live in Southern Africa

Author: Cara Moroney

Source: The Getaway online magazine

Today I got this article via email from my online subscription to a South African publication – The Getaway magazine.

I really enjoyed Cara’s descriptions and felt that she expressed so many things that I struggle to transmit through words.

She  starts her article like this:

I live in Africa, managing a safari camp in the bush. It’s a far away, exotic, unknown place to most people I know in Canada and the questions I most often get are ‘What is it like to live in Africa?’ or ‘What do you like about Africa so much?’. These questions are simple, apparent, but extremely difficult to answer. Love often defies explanation because the simplest but least helpful answers I have, are, ‘It’s wonderful’ and ‘I love it’.

But here I will attempt to convey why I like living in the Southern African bush, as I am no expert on living in North Africa, or in urban Africa. I will do this by employing the ever popular, but possibly lazy, method of a top ten list. But, this top ten list has a twist – it has a mirror image because as much as I love Africa, it ain’t easy. Almost everything that is glorious is harsh; almost everything that is heart warming can be heart wrenching; much of what is beautiful is cruel. But like any love, if it is true, you love both sides of the coin. You love not in spite or despite shortcomings, but because of them.

To read the entire article please click on the link below:

Five reasons to live in Southern Africa.

I hope you enjoy the article as much as I did.

2 thoughts on “Five reasons to live in Southern Africa

  1. I think many places have that type of love/hate feel to them…at least those places that let us be who we really need to be. Lovely post, thanks.


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