Chicks in paradise

Do you remember our paradise fly catchers that I told you about a few weeks ago?  If not, you can click here to read the post.

They have been sitting on the eggs for just over two weeks and this weekend our new babies were born.  Because their nest is right next to our veranda I was able to sneak up and take a few pictures really close.  (Best I could do with my point and click.  One day when I’m big I am going to get a fancy-shmancy camera)

On Saturday night we had a horrific cloud burst and 120mm of rain fell in just under 45 minutes.  I was certain these babies would not survive as the branch their nest is on is very exposed and not sheltered by other branches and leaves.  On Sunday morning when I went to look at the nest no chicks were to be seen.  I was so sad and reported this news to the Bean when I collected her at lunch time. She was also upset but went to check anyway when we got home.  Lo and behold – our little babies were there – peeping over the rim of the nest again.


5 thoughts on “Chicks in paradise

  1. Coincidence-we watched the first flight of our baby flycatcher on Sunday-for the first time there were 3 chics in one nest and they all survived-good parenting!


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