Calling orchid experts……

I have this orchid (or what I assume to be an orchid) growing in the fork of one of my feature marula trees around the pool.

We saw similar ones when I did my field guiding course and was told that they are leopard orchids (ansellia africana). I have looked them up on the internet and I think this might not be one – if the article on the net is correct?  Leopard orchids flower in the dry winter months and have more purple markings.  The flowers also seem to grow upwards whereas mine hang down like this

The plant is an epiphyte, so it does not have roots in the ground – it just sits quite happily in the fork of two branches and sends little roots into the bark of the marula tree. ( The marula tree does not seem to mind.)

Anyone have any resources that could help confirm identification?


5 thoughts on “Calling orchid experts……

  1. Jackie, I am scouring my immmense library of flora and fauna of South Africa literature as we speak. I should have information for you shortly.


  2. Hi there
    I’ve come across your blog a few times, I have a similar blog about our garden in JBay, Did you manage to ID the orchid as I have the same one growing in our garden and am trying to get its name.


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