Lest I forget….

Please never let me take this for granted

Far from the cities

And far from the streets

Far from the people

Is where my heart beats

It beats in slow time

In the vast open space

It beats out the rhyme

Of an African pace


With the sun baking down

And the buzz of blue flies

With chirping cicadas

And gentle breeze sighs

There’s no need to rush

No deadlines to chase

Just the slow steady pulse

Of an African pace


The cool of the morning

The heat of high noon

The balm of the sunset

The silk of the moon

The stars’ steady march

The rivers’ etched face

The life loving rhythm

Of an African pace


( “African Pace” by Wayne Visser)


5 thoughts on “Lest I forget….

  1. You have such an open grateful heart, I don’t see you ever forgetting the beauty around you:-) Wonderful photos, and I adore the poem. It resonates with my experience of living in the Australian bush. Now I live on the fringe of farming – nice but never as good as the real bush.


    • Coming from such a great photographer I will take that as a HUGE compliment, thank you. Thanks for popping past to read my blog too. It’s nice to chat to someone who has felt the bush too 🙂


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