Leaving home….

This weekend I watched the paradise fly catchers nest like a hawk.  I knew they would be taking that final step and would be leaving the nest.  On Saturday morning one of the three had stepped out onto the branch holding the nest and another was balanced on the rim of the nest. Baby number three was still determined to sleep in.

I had to go out for the morning and by the time I got home one of the three had flown off.  The last two chicks had climbed quite some way up the branch.

They stayed in this position overnight and by mid morning when I checked, the second baby had flown off.  I was determined not to miss the last one leaving so I poured myself something to drink and settled in for a long wait.  While the babies are attempting to make their break the parents are very vigilant and chase away any other birds that come near the tree.  They even dive bombed me quite a few times if I got too near. They also make a racket – shouting their alarm calls constantly.

Every few minutes the baby would stretch out its wings and flutter them a bit but would then fold them back up again and preen.  And then – after watching for just over an hour – it just hopped off the branch and flew to a nearby branch. It flew like it knew exactly what to do. It wasn’t even an effort. Awesome.

I had heard from Mr A that once they leave the nest you never see them again, but this bunch seems to be sticking around for a while.  I heard some cheeping and saw that the other babies were spread out around the tree and a neighbouring tree and they were still cheeping there this morning. The parents are also still feeding them.

It’s been so great following them – right from the parents nest-building through to their first flight.

To follow the journey you can click on the following posts:

Now I wonder if the parents will lay more eggs?



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