Homemade gifts

This year I decided to give homemade gifts to my family for Christmas.  My reasoning was not purely from a financial perspective but also from a green/recycling angle as well as how much fun and love goes into making things for loved ones.  I have been dying to show you what we made but had to wait till everyone had their gifts.

The Bean and I made some homemade tomato and basil jam which we wrapped up – a bottle for everyone.

We  gave each of the girls a homemade recycled handbag made from old curtains.  These were made for us by my colleague Charlie – a trade and barter deal.

and for my dad I painted this painting

I think this has been the most rewarding Christmas ever – I so enjoyed preparing the gifts.

Did you make any of your gifts?  I would love to hear about them.

Edit:   There is a great recipe for a homemade scented hand scrub in the comments of this post. Thanks Greg.

20 thoughts on “Homemade gifts

  1. I usually make some gifts, usually for my aunts and uncles, but not to everyone anymore. I just don’t have the time really. I remember when I was small, the first years I stated wanting to give people presents, I had no money so I had no choice but to make them. I’d go out on the farm or in the countryside and find materials. One year I took a bagful of evergreens over to England to my family for Christmas, and on Christmas eve, made them into festive candlestands and mini-wreathes. Another year, I used bits of wood to make puppets (the type where you pull a string and the arms and legs go up)
    Unfortunately don’t have that much time for those things these days, so it usually ends up being chocolate truffles or biscuits.


  2. wow jackie & bean – these look awesome!! we baked some christmas cookies for family and gave them in handmade boxes with a pretty ribbon 🙂 also really enjoyed the process. your painting is wonderful. Lisa


  3. I made scented hand scrub with organic sugar and olive oil this year. It was my first attempt at homemade gifts, but I was pretty happy with the result. I love your painting!


  4. I usually put together calendars using my photos or story books for the kids with drawings by my hubby. Sometimes, I just put together different types of baskets (basket of teas and cakes/biscuits, or coffees and chocolates, etc.)

    I’ve never had a tomato jam…you’ll have to share your recipe 😉


  5. The hand scrub recipe calls for a 50/50 mixture of organic sugar and vegetable oil (I used olive oil but any vegetable oil will work just fine). I actually adjusted the mixture to add less oil but you can experiment to get a consistency that you like. Optionally, add a small amount of aloe jel, or vitamin C or E (the liquid from one capsule per 1 cup of sugar). Add one or two drops of essential oils (I used lavender, but orange and sandlewood are good choices too) for a nice, light scent. My organic sugar had a rich tan color. If you use white sugar, you could add ground hibiscus powder to create a nice pink hue.


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