Chaotic weather patterns

While we have been so thankful for all the wonderful rain we have been having here in Hoedspruit, others further south have really been having a hard time with flooding.

Our summers here are usually extremely hot and we don’t get much rain. This summer we have had wonderfully warm temperatures and not the sweltering hot days that we are used to, and rain almost every day.

Our river (Blyde) is running strongly right now.

For those living in Pretoria and Johannesburg, 400 km’s away, this week has resulted in flooding in many areas.

Whether these strange weather patterns are due to the regular cycle of nature or on global warming is under debate right now. What  we do know is that globally, the weather seems very different this season with snow in summer and flooding in Austrailia, to people being snowed in for days in the US and Europe in regions that normally don’t have that much snow – things do seem to be very different.  So while we revel in the wonderful weather here, its important to keep in mind that there are many people around the world in desperate circumstances due to extreme weather.

(photos of floods taken from an email that is circulating – not sure who to credit)


3 thoughts on “Chaotic weather patterns

  1. Good morning Jackie! We’re digging out again here in New Jersey. I’m still waiting for sunrise but it looks like another foot or so. Great photos of the flooded areas.


  2. Yes, chaotic is the word for it. Brazil has also had major loss of life from landslides caused by floods. The death toll from the Queensland floods is still not finalised and now the floods continue into NSW and Victoria to Tasmania. I’m in SA and not experiencing floods but my heart goes out to all those over the world who find themselves caught up in something much greater than ever thought. It is changing lives all over the globe.


    • It’s so easy to just carry on if we are not being affected, I really can’t imagine what it must be like to be living in those conditions. My heart goes out to all the families who are suffering.


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