Mango mania

As many of you know, I work on a farm in a fruit packhouse.  Because I manage quality control, I am constantly running up and down the warehouse – controlling and checking.  In citrus season (winter) this is very invigorating because one is constantly surrounded by the zingy aroma of citrus oils.  In summer we pack mangoes. It gets rather hot in the packhouse and after days and days of spending time with zillions of mangoes you get a little icky.  The sweet cloying smell permeates your skin and clothes – it is really intense, especially when it is hot and humid.

At the beginning of the season we all used to eat a mango at tea time – yum.  This morning when I got my mango I didn’t want to eat it – yesterday I only ate half.  It’s the smell of them that gets to me now. I wonder if I will ever eat one again?


12 thoughts on “Mango mania

    • These are not all ripe – they need to be a bit green when we send them off so that they will be ripe when the consumer gets them. The best way to tell is to feel them – they need to be firm but not hard – then they are ripe. They do get more colour as they ripen.


  1. I’ve worked in bakeries. Time in a large commercial one in the cake section was enough to put me off certain things for life:-) But working in a smaller country one doing a variety of tasks didn’t affect my consumption of their produce one little bit:-)
    As long as you don’t develop an allergy you’ll be right:-)


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