Wetting my brushes – back to art

Art group started again last night in earnest – we learned more about painting shadows.  I found the theory session very informative and learned things I didn’t know before, even although I have been playing with paint most of my life.

Before class I had selected a few pictures that I would like to paint, one of which really appeals to me.  From the time I found the picture on Wednesday, I have been thinking about it constantly.  It’s really going to challenge my painting skills.  Once we sat down after our informative chat about shadows, I looked at the picture again, and decided that tonight I was just going to play, get my brushes wet for the first time this year, get the feel of the paint again, before I challenge myself with such a difficult picture, so with relief, I painted this still life on a bit of paper.  I had so much fun with it and although it’s not finished and the shadows and lemons still need work,  I had such fun just dabbling without any pressure.  The real picture looks a bit better than my photo.

I am only starting to realise how much my art means to me. I have not discussed this with other artists so I am not sure if they also feel this way. Once I start thinking about painting a picture – and the process can start weeks before I even pick up a brush, I probably look at the subject 2 – 3 times a day, I think about it about 10 x a day, I plot and plan how I would mix colours to get the right effect and I probably dream about it too – all this before I even start.  Then once started, I continue the mind games, checking in on my painting or photo of my painting a few times a day, puzzling over it – plotting and planning my next move. I almost become consumed by the picture and I love to play with it in my mind.  It sounds like an obsession now that I write it down.  Maybe it is.

Funny thing is, when its time to pick up a brush and start painting, regardless of whether I am starting a new picture, or in the middle of one, I procrastinate terribly.  Strange.  I don’t always understand myself.  Then when I do start painting I disappear into the picture and paint for hours on end – I don’t even hear if someone speaks to me.  The finished artwork  probably means less to me than the process because even the “not good” pictures give me so much joy.

Now all I need to do is produce a masterpiece and cut off my ear.


7 thoughts on “Wetting my brushes – back to art

  1. You have very aptly described a visual, mental, creative process that many of us go through when we create something in a medium that we love. For you it’s working with visual mediums (the painting especially, but I think also the photography. While I sometimes get like that with my photography, I’m more prone to do this with some posting or story that I’m trying to create. I’ll get a concept in my brain, and mull it over for a day or weeks, so that when I’m actually writing it it seems as if it’s writing itself.

    I think the way you expressed it is beautiful, and if it’s an obsession, then so be it. Then all of us creative types are a bit on the obsessive side 😉


  2. That painting above is just “dabbling”? Wow Jackie! You have so much talent! Your dabbling is better than 90% of the stuff that I see. Can’t wait to see how your painting of the boy comes out. 🙂


  3. I’m so envious of those who can paint – one of the few things I ever get green over….. Loved reading about your process. In a way, it’s not dissimilar to how I plan a new garden…..


  4. Totally off topic, but I found a great piece of furniture for your main cottage. It’s quite a bit more than I would spend on a bench, but maybe you could find a local craftsperson and commission something similar.



  5. I can relate with you on the art. I love painting. I do not get the opportunity to paint as much as I would want to though. And I would love to go to art classes. You are lucky you can. What you painted looks lovely!


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