Giving up the hippo fight.

One of the farms along our sand-road route home has an ongoing battle with hippos.  The farm runs alongside the Blyde river – our road separates the farm from the river itself.

Hippos come out of the river at night to graze and they just love the grass on this farm.  They are constantly breaking through the farmers fence to get to the grass.  The Bean and I have even seen a hippo just walk right through the fence once when we stumbled upon it unexpectedly on our drive home.  The wires of the fence snapping and the rest of the fence waving wildly as poles bent.  I don’t think the hippo even noticed the fence . It was that easy.

The poor farmer keeps on repairing the fence and the hippos keep breaking through. This week we noticed that the farmer was again fixing his fences.

Hippos are creatures of habit and always follow the same pathways to their grazing ground.  Most mornings we can see exactly where they cross the sand road as they make quite a large pathway as you can imagine.

Yesterday on our way home we noticed a new development in the fence.  There is a saying here in South Africa ”  ‘n boer maak ‘n plan”  which means “a farmer makes a plan”.  This farmer surely did too.

The fence now has “hippo holes”  wherever the fence and a hippo pathway cross.  Bravo Mr Farmer 🙂


9 thoughts on “Giving up the hippo fight.

  1. I just hope the hippo’s will follow the trail. Now you will need some “Beware Hippos Crossing” signs along the road.
    I hope it work for the safety of everyone and the peace of mind of the farmer.


  2. Animal trails cannot be changed, whether it’s hippos or koalas the outcome is the same. Glad the farmer has finally come to his senses:-)


  3. Bravo to the farmer! They do that around here, too, but for the deer, who also have a tendency to go through fences in their way 😉


  4. Hey! That is exactly how I deal with keeping Hippos out of my yard here!……….. You live in such a neat area! The wildlife u see on a daily basis is just mind boggling. 🙂


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