New guests at the lodge – flycatcher rerun and moth time.

I really must save up for a new insect book, having lost custody of the last one I bought. I have never replaced it and it’s getting rather frustrating when I can’t identify insects.  It’s the first time I have spotted these moths and then happened to see two more.  It must be their time.

Isn’t it beautiful?  Look at the pretty pink wing tips. I only noticed the colour after viewing the photograph. Anyone know which moth this is?

Edit: I received this answer from Joan at and

This is one of the Emperor moths (family Saturniidae). Most moths in SA have not been identified or given names unfortunately so I cannot give you more information than that. The Mopane and Lunar moths belong to the same family and all are identified by the eye-spots on the wings. Most are medium to large in size and include the largest moths in the world. They are a colourful family and most are short lived. Thanks Joan!  I looked them up on google images and none are as pretty as mine 🙂  I’m going to call her saturniidae slowvelder 🙂

And finally something I have been meaning to tell you – we have a second set of paradise flycatchers born this weekend.  The parents broke down the old nest, disappeared for a day or two and then were back and rebuilt the nest in the exact same spot and started a new lot of eggs.  You have seen so many pictures from the last lot so I promise – no more after this one.  Three more babies…..


19 thoughts on “New guests at the lodge – flycatcher rerun and moth time.

    • I think the old nest gets a little grubby although the parents do remove the poop. Last year they also broke the nest when they left for winter. maybe they dont want someone else moving in while they are away?


  1. I think they’re gypsy moths (not sure), but they look like the gypsy moths we get around here 😉 Maybe they’ll do a song and dance for you later in the evening.


  2. Hello Slowvelder,

    I received notification today that you had subscribed to my insect identification blog. I do hope that you find what you are looking for on there. I am just starting out with it and am working on about another 500 pictures of other species to put on it. I would greatly appreciate feedback on whether it was easy to find things.

    You also might enjoy my blog at

    I was up in the hoedspruit area in September and loved my two weeks there but it was very dry.

    Loved the marula jelly you posted below. It goes so great with lamb and pork and I buy it whenever I see it. 🙂

    Best wishes,
    Have a great day,


    • Hello Joan – thank you so much for popping in – I sent you an email because i am trying to identify my moths. I just love your blogs and will be back to visit them. Looks like you and I both love living alone in the bush – some folk just dont get it 🙂
      next time you are up here you must pop in – if I have jelly left you can have some. I am now experimenting with the beer and juice.


      • Hi Jackie. I sent a reply to your e-mail but about 80 percent of moths have not been given names so the most I can do is tell you what family they belong too.

        I am pleased you enjoyed the blog. Almost everything on it is just about nature even though I mostly do macro photography.

        I will let you know when I go up there again and we can get together for coffee. There is other place I ever want to live but in the bush. I worked up there too long to ever be happy again in a city. 🙂

        The beer sounds good. Enjoy it. 🙂


  3. We have a pair of adult fly-catchers in our backyard — so much fun to watch.

    I showed Joe your photo and he loved it. He wants me to ask you a question: The flycatchers are currently enjoying the bushwillow in our back yard because it’s in flower. Shouldn’t it be fruiting at this time of year?


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