Marula beer – part II : The results

This post follows my article published two days ago which you can read here.

I was highly sceptical of the marula beer I was making.  My taste of Warren’s beer put me off for life.  It was really so very sour and vinegary.  I was curious about my batch but was ready to pour it down the drain or give it to some of the local people who like it.

For three days the lid had been popping off despite the heavy cast iron pot that I had balancing on the container to keep it closed.  Every time I reclosed the container I got a slight whiff of vinegar – bleugh

Last night was the night to test the final product as it had been fermenting for three days.  I made sure I had had my dinner first because I was sure the beer was going to turn my stomach.  There was a huge glob of pulp that seemed to have formed in the beer and had floated up towards the top of the container slowly.  By last night it was all on top of the beer.

I moved the container to the sink to open it and gently raised the lid.  Surprise surprise – there was no smell of vinegar but a lovely yeasty smell similar to that of homemade ginger beer.  The glob had formed a nice foamy head.

The head was about 2 inches think and was really compact. I was able to lift it off the beer using a slotted spoon in two big blobs.

Underneath I found a fresh, sparkling, bubbly golden liquid.  My hopes were rising.

I quickly dipped a small glass into the beer to have a taste.  YUM!  It is so fresh, yeasty and bubbly – just like homemade ginger beer with a marula twist.  I am so glad that I added the sugar.

I quickly sterilised some old beer bottles that I had on hand and bottled my marula beer before The Bean could get her hands on it – she loves it too.

I still have loads of marulas so I think I will be brewing another batch next weekend.

Warning : Please read this update  – click here


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