Friday facts

I have had many comments and questions about my voyeur viper mentioned this week.  He is a boomslang.  Although they have a deadly venom, they are timid snakes and bites generally occur only when people attempt to handle, catch or kill them.  This one was a juvenile.  The shower I took was behind the snake and grass roof edging you see here, and he was about 2, 5 meters above the ground level on a rafter.  I was not at risk of being bitten or attacked – if so, I really would not have showered.  Thank you all though for your concern 🙂

Identity of vv confirmed by Donald Strydom  at the Khamai Reptile center here in Hoedspruit.  He says:

It’s a juvenile colouration Boomslang.  Baby Boomslang under a meter long are typically this colour after which the male turns green and the female brown or grey.

Thanks Donald


My car is still not fixed after the accident on the 7 of January.  The parts, apparently, are not even ordered yet according to the parts supplier who I have resorted to calling as I kept getting a standard answer of “next monday” from our local panel beaters.

The windscreen was finally installed yesterday after much confusion and an attempt to fit the wrong type of windscreen.  The installers then proceeded to crack the new windscreen – apparently a manufacturing fault in the screen. So …. my poor car still looks exactly the same as it did over a month ago and in the meantime I have had to borrow a vehicle.  I really appreciate the kindness of the friends who have lent it to me and I would like to give it back now – there is a line where long becomes just too long.  I am now trying to be the communication link between the parts supplier and the panel beaters – and I phone them both a few times a day. I currently await a call from the panel beaters to tell me when they made payment for the parts they have “not” ordered yet?  Argh!


On a happier weekend note, art group last night was again fantastic fun – we learned how to paint with bleach.  Yes…. you heard right – bleach – the stuff you use on your white washing.  I was astounded with the results.

My painting progressed somewhat but a huge failure in anatomy study – I will be moving her bones around next week.  I was just trying to get the colours right this week which was really difficult.  I may even change them again.  I almost don’t want to show you all because the poor woman looks severely deformed, please be gentle with me. I will perform major surgery on her next week.

I still have loads of work to do on this one.

Have a wonderful weekend!


6 thoughts on “Friday facts

  1. Very frustrating for you about the car. Just keep on with the broken record – repeating- and you’ll wear them down. Don’t let them win:-)
    As for the art, it’s the process isn’t it, that you’re going to the classes for? So you’re doing fine with it; some bits are great, others need some twiddling, and you know that, therefore it’s just a matter of time before you’re satisfied with the result as well as the process!


  2. Love the bleached art…interesting concept. Sorry for you and all the hassles with the car; hope they get it straightened out for you soon.


  3. Sorry to hear about your car – dealing with repair shops can be maddening no matter the country (or continent)! I really like the paintings – I have tried to take up drawing and painting several times but have neither the talent or patience.

    I was talking about your blog with a co-worker last evening and she was facinated with the snakes in Africa, especially those that are venomous. She seems convinced that they are hanging from every tree and lamp post! An interesting mental image – a continent draped in snakes.


  4. You are too hard on yourself. At first glance, I thought the painting was wonderful. I only noticed the bones because you had mentioned them. If you tidy up the “deformities” just a tiny bit, it is going to be an awesome painting that I am sure she will love. Even your “deformed” painting right now is better than what 99% of us could ever paint. 🙂


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