Planting season

Many South Africans are uniting on a single day to plant an organic vegetable in their home or office. On March 21st, 2011 we will take a giant leap to becoming self-sufficient. To add your name to the list and learn the basics of organic gardening from some of the top experts in the country click on the banner in my sidebar ——>

You can also join the Planting Season facebook group for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Planting season

  1. Awesome Idea indeed! Unfortunately I don’t have any soil now in my garden where I can actually plant… not even my mom can coax anything to grow, however we are thinking about moving soon, or else buying some window boxes… SHe wants some for the kitchen with herbs and such that she would use on a daily basis, and who knows what I might plant now? (I normally plant at least one vine- it used to be morning glorries before my pooch came a long but since their poisonous, I don’t plant them any more.) what would you suggest? what can be planted in a window box, and still be of use?


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