Finding balance

Lately I find myself focussing on balance in all areas of my life.  At home its a see-sawing of time between cleaning, cooking  and relaxation. Socially its all about time spent with friends and at classes versus alone time with the Bean. At work I find I am battling the most with the amount of work done balanced against the pay I receive – at work too, its about how much time I spend at work against spending it at home. How much is the time I sell to my employer worth? This is not only measured in monetary terms but also in satisfaction and a sense of well-being at work. Am I getting value? Finally it all boils down to happiness I guess – good balance will create a feeling of achievement and happiness.

In my life before moving here I know my balances were very unstable with over emphasis on things that did not count in the end. I thought they did count though – till I found out they didn’t. That’s the way we learn. Trial and error most of the time.  Now that I have begun a new life with focus on balance, I am finding it quite hard to get right.  I like to think that because balance is now one of my main focus points in this slow life, that I catch imbalances early and take time out to sort, reshuffle and balance again before the scale tips too drastically.

All-in-all I feel I am doing reasonably well and am really happy in most areas of my life.  I only need to sort out some things with regards to my work and work time.  My plans are to eventually work for myself – a few projects which I will initiate over time will hopefully build up to something big enough to keep us going financially, but until then I will have to work for someone else. Let’s hope that the reshuffling I find I need to make in this area works out. What I do know is that it can’t keep going on as it is now.

Time is the one thing that we give away or sell that we can never get back again.  We need to make sure it’s not stolen or that we are not underpaid for this precious commodity. Even if we give it away for free, there should be a gain for us in terms of happiness, satisfaction and achievement. If you feel you are not rewarded sufficiently for your time and efforts it’s time to rework and reshuffle things to regain balance in your life.

What do you do to ensure balance in your life?

12 thoughts on “Finding balance

  1. Balance must be an ongoing focus,as life changes, needs change, energy levels change etc. My job used to feed me on many levels. But after nearly two years now it depletes me. Every weekend I spend the weekend recovering from my week.

    It’s not the number of hours I work, but the demands I am constantly responding to during that time. I love the staff, but the clients we have been getting are more needy, more entitled and suck my energy dry.

    So you’re focus on time is very valid, but I would add there are other things to consider, such as how much energy does it consume, or does it enhance?

    What “works” (pardon the pun) at one time in your life, maybe totally out of balance at another. And then the question becomes: is this temporary,and even if it is, is this simply a sign that its time for me to move on?


  2. That’s my life’s quest! To keep balanced. Because it’s not a static thing, it is constantly changing and readjustments need to be made continually. Really about living in the NOW! If I lose my balance these days, my body tells me in no uncertain manner:-)
    I agree that time is precious. Nice post, great subject!


  3. I’m also very cautious with my time, wanting full value (whatever I deem that value is) for mine. But as you said, sometimes the values change (or need to) and sometimes what was important (or seemed important) at the moment, may later show itself to be not quite as important as we thought. It’s like walking on a highwire sometimes.

    good luck, though, and I hope you manage to start “working for yourself” very soon.


  4. So very true…and unfortunately for some of us, we end up wasting a lot of time before we realize that is a truly precious commodity. Nice article. Thanks for giving me something to think about, it my spare time 🙂


  5. Maybe if we could all live as if there was no time, and instead just focus on the Now, we would all find that maybe we didnt need as much balance as we think?
    Maybe its the whole looking at time thing, that stuffs us up?

    I say this as I used to live without looking at a clock or focusing on time..I find now that I am working and indeed actually forced to time every single moment of my working day. I am very time focused, and honestly feeling as unbalanced as I ever have!


      • I find both your comments interesting. I have taken (at home, anyway) to removing my watch and refusing to look at any of the clocks in the house while I’m at home. I live in the moment, but not by the clock. If I feel hungry, I eat, whether it’s 9a.m. or noon. If I’m tired, I sleep. I find I’m so much happier when I’m like that, than when I’m at the office and relegated to living by the clock.


  6. I rarely, if ever, achieve total balance in my life. I just strive to tilt the scales in my favor…and am happy if things tilt my way more than they tilt away from me.


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