Blue veins – a quirky touch.

This weekend I decided to experiment with the cracks in our paving around the pool.  The paving was laid many years ago while the surrounding trees were small.  Now that the trees have grown some of the paving has moved and cracked.

I quite like the rustic look it gives and I don’t want to lay any new paving because it will take away from the feel of the place.  I will be filling most of the cracks with cement to stop any weeds growing through.  Recently I saw a picture of some stone steps that had been built with some mosaic tiles between the stones and I wanted to try this in a crack to see the effect.  I am quite ready to chop it all out again if I don’t like it.

First I had to buy cement – I never knew there were so many kinds so it was a little stressful deciding what product to use.  Because some of the cracks were quite deep and wide I settled on a builders mix of cement and sand.  When I got home I saw that it was packaged separately and because I didn’t want to mix up the whole bag at once, I had to estimate the mix – lets hope it doesn’t all crumble as soon as it rains.

After filling the crack with the cement mix, the Bean and I started laying mosaics, beads, stones and other interesting small items into the cement.

And this is what it looked like half way through

I took a few more photos after the cement had dried – now all I have to do is decide if it stays or gets chopped out again.  Fred was very interested while we were laying the tiles and was rather jealous that the paving got so much “tickling” instead of him.

You can click on the thumbnails to have a closer look

What do you think?


14 thoughts on “Blue veins – a quirky touch.

  1. I’m not sure about this one. It doesn’t feel like it fits. Looking at the close up the mosaic against the stone feels off to me. The wider shot with I suppose is the overall read one would usually take it in is rather interesting.

    I’m wondering if you could get stone that was more similar in texture and do something similar, but just with the color being different, not the finish (shiny) etc.

    And how do it feel when you walk on it? Would it be slippery in the rain? It’s hard to tell with the limited pictures. Live with it for a while…


    • Thanks for your honest comments Sham. I dont think they will pose a problem being slippery in the rain because one would get grip all around them as the “vein” is very thin really. I want to see how it wears and how I feel about it. I really wanted to use a bit of colour as everything is very neutral in this area – I think if it was all browns and beiges it defeats the object really. haha – I may still chip it all out and just fill it with cement.


  2. In looking at the first photo again, the stones are so beautiful in their color variations. I think the blue mosaic takes away from that. The colors remind me of mother of pearl, and the striations within them too. Perhaps you can find something in that family. And I think it would enhance the original stones, not detract from them.


  3. I well understand the need for some more colour:-) I like the cheekiness of it, and if you had fun doing it, surely that’s what matters the most? 🙂


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