Taking stock

My food gardens are starting to take shape.  This weekend I managed to barter for a banana tree and some paw-paw trees which will be delivered to me this week.

I also added some wild garlic, chillies, a gooseberry bush, feverfew, mint, a new rosemary bush (I drowned my last one)

I rescued this chilli bush from a nursery where it was being eaten badly by bugs. I hope its happier here.

Got this Aloe from a good friend – will use it for Aloe vera

Wild basil looking good

A gifted sprig of mint is thriving in its new home.

Parsley, chives and oreganum doing well

Gooseberry planted in its new home

Feverfew – I still have to experiment with this herb

New wild garlic – I have had this plant in may homes before but never used it for eating – I am going to give it a try.

And finally – a now Fred proofed raised bed

with new seeds peeping through.  Planted here are, tomatoes, cucumbers, rocket, beetroot, more chives, radishes, baby marrows, and probably some others that I can’t remember.

What do you have growing now?



9 thoughts on “Taking stock

  1. Weeds….. I have weeds growing. I am as good, if not better, at growing weeds than you are at growing every other plant and vegetable on the planet! Your “Fred Proof” garden looks like it would probably keep idiots like me out…… Good job! All you need now, is trip-wires that shoot poison darts if anyone gets too close to the chicken wire…. 🙂


  2. Well done, it is all looking great. Puts me to shame. But of course Spring is only just beginning here, too early to plant out yet for this season. We are still getting frosts at night.

    I used to eat feverfew sandwiches to help my migraines but unfortunately in my case it never did, although other people report good effects.

    So far only the fruit trees, bushes and herbs are doing anything here, no new leaves out yet except for the chives but the buds are swelling.


    • It gets so hot here that we cant grow much in summer at all – December to feb are no grow times unless you have cold houses. Most of our growing takes place int he winter months. Its still very hot (we are having feb weather in march) so I really hope my seeds even grow.


    • LOL! I have no experience – but a passion to get it right – this is my first veggie garden ever – all my other ornamental gardens were taken care of by a partner or gardener in the past – now its down to the wire – i have to get it right.


  3. You’re doing well! Try to mulch a bit where and when you can…..you’d be surprised what can be used as mulch…
    Poor Fred….hope he got something else instead:-)


    • Hi Eremophila – I have got lots of mulch but have not used it as my soil seems to be retaining a lot of water at the moment – I need to check my soil first – will do it this weekend. fred has 350 hectares of bush to use as his litter box – silly cat


  4. This is inspiring, seems we live on opposite ends of the planet. You worry about heat-I worry about frost. I am hoping to build raised beds this spring. Get my daughter and son planting (maybe my son will increase the variety in his diet lol) I have always maintained ornamental gardens always with the hopes of adding veggies, just never did. This year it has to change! Congrats on a job well done 


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