Hippo fight

Last Friday night we sat and listened to some horrendous noises coming from the river about 800 meters from the cottages.  It sounded like a battle between a herd of cows, a few elephants and a lion or two.  It was, I assume, a hippo fight.  It went on for about 30 minutes and sounded really frightening.

By Arkadyevna (flickr)

I subsequently found this blog post by Susie Prangley who watched a hippo fight recently.  She also took some excellent photos.  You can see how vicious these fights are.  Take a look at them here on the Getaway blog.


7 thoughts on “Hippo fight

    • Yes they do – we have to be very careful around the river – and we avoid hippo paths totally if we can. If you are in their path you better be able to climb a tree fast!


  1. Hippos? That’s the best you can offer? I had to lay and try to sleep through two DINOSAURS fighting in my back yard the other night! Beat that! 🙂


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