Breathtaking photography

There is one area of my life where I get so frustrated with my attempts at getting things right – and that is my photography.  I am living in one of the most amazing places in the world with photo opportunities around every corner.  Although I have a decent “happy snappy” digital camera I am so limited with what I can do.  Chances are that I will never get a fancy camera with lenses to play around with as my great money earning days are behind me. I need to find a way to be satisfied with what I have and just enjoy the beauty around me.

I love perusing good photography sites, especially those focussing on African wildlife and nature.  Today I am going to point you in the direction of two great photographers who, in my mind take some of the best photos of the African natural environment.

  1. Jon Hrusa

Although my original fascination with his photography was based on his photos of African wildlife, his other photos tell some amazing stories about South Africa and the transition we have gone through.

For more than 25 years, Jon Hrusa has been telling stories through a camera lens.

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Jon specialises in documentary news, sport, humanitarian, and nature photography. His photographs have appeared in the New York Times, TIME Magazine, National Geographic, Global Health Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, and the Times of London, among others. Jon has received numerous national and international awards, including a World Press Photo Award and the South African Press Photographer of the Year Award.

Jon is more than a photographer — he’s a story-teller. He chooses his stories carefully, examines them from every angle, and boils them down to their visual essence.

To visit Jon’s photoblog please click here


2.  Wild Aperture

This photoblog is written by Steve Walker – a local 21-year-old university student.  His blog was started a few years ago while he was still at school.  He is a nature lover and this shows in his beautiful photography.  Although his blog is only updated sporadically it is well worth a visit.

Another reason for my admiration, which I must mention, is that he is currently dating The Bean.

Visit Wild Aperture by clicking here


Please take a minute or two out of your busy schedules to visit these two blogs.  Please also leave a comment. Comments mean so much to bloggers and it is a wonderful way of showing your appreciation.


6 thoughts on “Breathtaking photography

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  2. Firstly, please put your photography into that section of Breathtaking! Your work is fabulous:-)
    Jon’s work is marvellous, without a doubt, and I’m most impressed with Steve’s shots – love the snake you chose to put here.
    Nice that Bean has such good taste:-)


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