A fun way to recycle old newspaper

Two weeks ago we learned a new painting technique at art group.  When Anne told us about it, it sounded a bit strange to me – I thought no one would want to hang a picture like that on their walls.  Boy was I wrong!

Start off by tearing print sections of newspaper (just bits with writing on – no pictures) into pieces approximately the size of an orange.  You can also experiment with larger or smaller pieces I’m sure.

Glue the bits of newspaper onto a large piece of white or black board or paper leaving an edge of at least 1,5 cm’s around the edge as a frame.  Overlap the bits so that you don’t get background paper showing through.

leave the news paper as your background and paint a picture just using black and white acrylic paint.  Our group painted trees.  You can finish off with a glaze to set the picture and paper properly if desired.

Here are some of the results:

Unusual huh?


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