A potty problem

Ok – so it’s not that it’s a huge problem, or something that worries me too much – or else I would have done something about it already.  It’s just been going on for so long – and my embarrassment is that I have done nothing about it.

It’s not like he is there all the time – he just pops up on occasion, and when I do see him I have other pressing issues to deal with so I just chase him away.

It’s time I got him out though.  I guess I’ll have to buy some gloves because that’s probably the easiest way to deal with him.  I could try without gloves but I think gloves would make the task a lot less yucky.


You see, I have a frog in my toilet.  I have guests coming in a few days so I need to get him out.  When I approach, he just dives back down the pipe so I am going to have to sneak up on him.  Sometimes I can catch him sleeping….



I wish he would just go away. I really don’t feel like doing this….





16 thoughts on “A potty problem

  1. It’s a common problem in Queensland, but I can’t remember how they deal with it…..
    Personally, I think it’s just an extra bonus for your visitors:-)


  2. Haha … what a unique problem to have … I would suggest that you just go ahead and stick your hand in and try catch him but, he’ll probably get away …

    … what if you stuck a thin plank or something in the toilet to create a ramp for ‘him’ to climb out?

    … good luck and keep us posted … 🙂


  3. I have never heard of a fog in the toilet before either. Have you tried an internet search ‘How to get a frog out of the toilet’?

    We had them in the cellar once (several). I was sorting out the washing one day and a frog jumped up at me. Very shocking. I think screams were audible all around the house! We later found a dead one underneath the guest bed.


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