Art group activities

This week the group learned how to paint on foil. Although I didn’t participate in the group activity I found it very interesting to watch the pictures develop. Again, I was very surprised at the results. The foil gives the paint a metallic touch. I was surprised that acrylic paint would even stick to foil.  Here are a few examples of the results.





I did a small amount of work on my hornbill with oil paints.  After working with quick drying acrylic it’s rather frustrating to have to wait a week every time I need to add a new layer, however, it’s a slow life I have chosen so I must learn to be patient.

I don’t think I have too much more to do other than some white feathery layers on his head and chest. After doing all I could do on the hornbill for the evening I started a new acrylic just for fun.

I did not draw at all and just started with paint at the top of the canvas and worked my way down.  All I need to do on it now is add a tree or two and some finer detail in the foreground.  Quick and easy.

A few other acrylic paintings were worked on too. Both Mark and Wendy are busy with interesting subjects (see below)



After class as I was carrying both my wet paintings I tripped over a rock in the pitch dark and fell flat on my face. Now I have some sand detail on the paintings to deal with next week.

Barter and trade seem to be working their way into the group.  A few weeks ago, Thelma bartered for one of my paintings – and I got a foot massage and pedicure voucher for my efforts – a fair trade indeed.  This week, Angela traded a bottle of wine for Thelma’s foil artwork.


8 thoughts on “Art group activities

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  2. I had absolutely no idea you could paint on foil with acrylic. It looks wonderfully effective, I must have a go. U[p to now I have only used watercolours as I cannot use oils (allergies!) so have been recommended to try acrylic.


  3. Wow the paintings are beautiful. I would never have thought that the paint would stick to the foil either. Makes a really impressive effect.

    Sorry to hear about your fall. Hope you can fix your beautiful artwork.


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