Something to ponder…………..

Have you ever heard about “peak oil“?  Do you know what it means to us?  I know we hear the term bandied about quite a bit but have you considered the implications?

I believe that due to scarcity, oil prices will become so high that it will be beyond our means to buy petrol and diesel in the quantities that we need.

Bear with me and take a look at this very short video

It is a 24-hour observation of all of the large aircraft flights in the world (recorded by the airplane flight transponders via Geo-stationary orbital satellites) patched together and condensed down to about a minute, i.e., you watch 24 hours of flights compressed into one minute. From space we look like a beehive of activity.

Can you imagine how much fuel is burned up just by LARGE airplanes in 24 hours? Can we keep on like this and still have fuel for other things?   Just something to ponder…….


6 thoughts on “Something to ponder…………..

  1. T’is scary, isn’t it!? And viewing that with the knowledge of how few mid air collisions occur is also mind boggling.

    And finally, the implications of all that pollution in the very air that we, animals and our plants have to breathe…

    What are we doing to our planet?


  2. This is shocking. My father is a man who when it comes to environmentalism can be quite contradictory – He drives a brutish SUV and full-size pickup truck. However, he has always maintained that what we are doing in this jet setting about is completely unsustainable. When I would relate a friend or acquaintance was off to some exotic location a rant would ensue regarding jet fuel and the environment. This is a shocking visual. As much as I don’t want to I will be sharing this post with him. I have always felt he makes a valid point in these rants, but as I am guilty of jetting about on occasion, we always make excuses… I need a break… its going there anyway… We are an “entitled” society but watch out when the “entitlement carpet” is pulled out from under our own feet. Great post!


  3. It is staggering just how much air travel goes on. When I come to think of it, I’ve been on 5 plane trips in the past 12 months (partly because I moved overseas) but if all 7 billion people in the world did that, it’d be 35 billion passengers in a year! Mad. It’s a great animation though, really brings it home.

    If you check out the artist Chris Jordan’s series ‘Running the Numbers’ (look it up on Google) there are some more stunning visualisations…


  4. We studied fuel in Chemistry this year. Actually, because crude oil is separated into fractions based on the density (as well as other factors varying- but density is what allows it to separate) there is only one section that is suitable for airplane fuel. And its one of the heavier ones. However, there are other fractions of crude oil that are denser and that can be cracked to form the fuels we use for cars, such as diesel and petrol. And there’s actually more airplane fuel than petrol- hence the need to crack other fractions- and hence also why airplane fuel is the same that we use to heat houses with fuel burners…

    Not saying I think such jet setting is ok… though I’m actually planning on doing a lot of traveling this summer- actually only two flights, but I do love to travel, and I love looking out the window and seeing everything below me, but I also love traveling by boat and train. But its the same problem with anything- there’s pollution… but Oh I feel so contradictory… Its one of those subjects on which I just want to curl into a ball and throw away my ethics…

    Sorry for the rant about chemistry… I have exams coming up and have been studying and its all swirling around in my now mushy brain…

    And basicly, I lvoe to travel, but I think there must be better ways to do it, and I think there must be a better fuel source out there. Also its not so bad for you’re average Joe to take a couple of flights a year, until you put into the equation, those people who go flying off on a weekly basis as if its public transit, and of course company executives and such… plus private plains and jets really will be the death of us 😛


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