Insomnia in the bush

What does one do when you are all alone in your cottage in the middle of the bush and you can’t sleep?

I read. If I don’t have a book I check my email, facebook and blog comments on my cellphone.  I normally fall asleep quickly so I don’t have a back-up plan after that.

Last night I ran out of options.

So I had an impromptu photo shoot on my bed 🙂  Isn’t he sweet?

PS:  The mosquitoes have stopped now so his poor nose should heal up in a week or two.

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3 thoughts on “Insomnia in the bush

  1. You crazy…crazy woman! Get up….go out the door…sprint like mad across your veranda….and jump into your pool!! Of course, you want to make sure there are no Gorillas paddling around first…..but as long as the pool is clear…..go for it! JUMP IN! Put a little life jacket on Fred and make him jump in too! 🙂


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