Between land and water

Just like the hippo, I currently find myself  “between land and water.”                      

Having worked my final day at the packhouse mid May, I have been without  internet access except for fleeting glimpses using my cell phone. I hope once I have a steady income to be able to set it up at home and continue my regular blogging. I miss it so!

I have really enjoyed the last two weeks, spending most days on the farm in the sun as winter starts to settle in.  The leaves are finally starting to fall and we have nippy mornings and evenings. The beauty of this area is that right throughout winter we will have sunny days and blue skies with temperatures in the mid 20’s (C) at midday.

For two weekends I had the pleasure of having an old friend of mine, Sue, come to stay on the farm with us.  I met Sue years ago at my scuba diving club when we were both living corporate lives in the city. Interestingly, we have both chosen to opt out of that fast paced world and spend our time in nature doing the things we love most.  We discussed how fast paced our new slow lives are. 

Sue is now a freelance safari guide and spends her days during the tourist season taking people into game reserves and during her off-season she works as a scuba dive master, mostly on the Mozambican coast. 

On one of our drives around our reserve we spotted hippo lazing in the river.  I have tried on many occasions to get a picture of them but because it is really dangerous to get too near them I have not succeeded with my small camera.  Sue took the above photo of them with her camera for me so now I am able to show you proof that we have them on the reserve.

Because of all the time Sue spends in our game reserves and National Parks she gets many opportunities to take some fantastic photos (and she is a brilliant photographer.)  You can view them on her blog – Coral Wild, and read about her interesting trips too. If you are looking for a fantastic safari experience in South Africa, contact Sue – her details are on her blog.


9 thoughts on “Between land and water

  1. Nice to see a post from you again – I know how much you miss an internet connection as I have the same situation when I go up north … it has it’s compensations though, like more time taking notice of your surroundings – here on my fast connection in the desert I tend to vegitate a bit in front of the screen …

    … so you’re also a corporate dropout hey? … at age 49 I decided that I’d had enough of that dog-eat-dog nonsense and did the same … it may cost me dearly in later life but, what the hell, I’ll only live once …


  2. And we who do not have the courage to take the leap, love to read the blogs that let us enjoy at least a smidge of that free life 😉

    So, thank you for the glimpses of a different type of lifestyle.


  3. Hello Jackie:)
    Thanks for so much for recommending my blog. As with you it is a great way for me to share some “slightly” different experiences with people who care to read them.
    I miss your blog postings so hope you get the necessary and relatively stress-free funding soon to get connected at home.
    I can’t tell you how exciting it was to see the hippo “gate” and your lovely decorative cement repairs with my own eyes after having read your postings. And your marula jelly is delicious!
    I can highly recommend your little patch of Eden to all your friends and hope you get as many visitors as you could wish for.
    Til next time
    your old friend Sue


  4. Lovely to see you again, you’ve been missed:-)
    How’s the new garden going? Hope the weather is conducive to productive growth.
    Thanks for the link to Sue’s blog – she writes in a very interesting manner, with great pics.


  5. Welcome back, albeit sporadically. So have you been doing all your blogging from your job, up until now? I can’t imagine being such a prolific blogger without internet at home!


  6. Sorry about your sporadic internet access! My mother always said that it is the things you do not do that you regret on your deathbed: life is short and although taking risks is scary living life your way is the only way. Lovely photo of the hippos. One of my dreams is to visit Africa so I will remember Sue’s details!


  7. I have been away as well. It is nice to get back to reading your posts. Hopefully, we both can say we are back.

    Hippos! Wow, so amazing to have them in the river. Our quarter overlooks the North Saskatchewan River – No hippos here! Just deer, bear, cougars, and elk (maybe a couple wolves, but I have yet to see one or a cougar for that matter and I a thankful for not bumping into either lol)



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