My sweet angel

Today my Fred passed away suddenly.  He had slept with me for the night, and left the cottage at around 7am to go exploring.  At 9am we heard him meowing strangely outside the window and we rushed out to find him in distress. The Bean carried him inside and lay him on my bed while we rushed to dress and take him to the vet.  The vet diagnosed epilepsy, gave him Valium and Atropine and sent us home with pills for epilepsy. She said he would be groggy and we must let him sleep it off.  He would not settle when we got home and he started vomiting and gasping for breath.  He died in my arms not 30 minutes after we got home.

I am thankful that he had a happy life, that he did not suffer a long illness. However I am still in shock – it was so sudden and unexpected.

He was a very special boy,  knowing instinctively when we were sad or ill. He would distract us with his antics or sit and purr on me for hours when I had a migraine.  He purred by my side every night to put me to sleep, slipping under the covers himself if it was chilly. He was my companion through some very tough times and we had a special language, I understood him and he understood me.

He is buried under a big marula tree just outside my cottage.  The Bean and I dug his grave and buried him scooping the sand with our hands while tears ran down our faces.

Fred, tonight we lit a candle for you in the window so that you would not feel alone, you can see it from your resting place.

Rest in peace my angel

I don’t know how I am going to sleep without you tonight.



19 thoughts on “My sweet angel

  1. Oh Jackie, I am so, so sorry to hear about Fred. Losing a pet suddenly is the worst thing ever. I’ve been there and I know there is really nothing I can say. But please try to sleep well tonight knowing that Fred is out there somewhere looking over you. 😦 😦 😦

    PS: Your Fred photos are beautiful.


  2. Oh, Slo…! I am so very sorry for your loss. It is such a heartbreak to lose such a faithful, loving family member. It will take a while, but your heart will heal and before too long it may be ready to open up to another angel!


  3. My heart goes out to you Jackie and to Bean, I feel like I’ve lost a friend too.
    It sounds like a snake/poison to me, don’t think much of the vet. Too late now.
    A special boy who’s been called home, but he’s still with you, keeping care♥


  4. Every time you posted photos of your lovely Fred – my thoughts went to all the times we cried our eyes out while burying our cats.

    Manuel – the big butch Spaniard – crying even more than I did.

    We made a concious decision never to have a cat again as long as we lived in this home – a very busy road – and our hearts have not been broken in the last 22 years – then I read about Fred – all those memories of just how special cats are – how they manage to steal our hearts – came flooding back to me.

    I did not know Fred – never touched him – did not love him as you do – but – this morning – I cry for him and all the cats we loved and buried.



  5. Words cannot heal at the moment – time will do that. Our pets have a way of getting into our hearts and remaining there forever.

    My sympathies – it hurts, I know – but it will get better over time.


  6. Oh Jackie, I am going to reply to this and then rush out and find my 3 and squeeze and squash them in great big bear hugs (they will hate this, but still). I am so sorry, what an awful thing to have happen. Our little Elwyn passed on nearly six years ago now, and we still cannot speak of her without feeling teary and we miss her dreadfully, every day. So, I am thinking of you, and we will light a candle for Fred and wish him well on his journey.


  7. I am so sorry for you. I do know how difficult it is to lose a beloved pet; they are so much a part of our families, and to have it happen so suddenly. But at least he had you there to comfort him.

    In time the pain will ease, and only the memories will remain, until then, though, I offer warm and loving hugs to you and your daughter.


  8. I am sorry to hear about your loss Jackie. I know exactly how you feel, having lost my father a week ago. Just keep strong.


  9. Jackie, I did not know Fred, but I feel so sorry for your loss of your beautiful boy, and while I know I could never do him justice, I have taken one of your photographs and done a close-up pen and ink drawing of his face, hoping to capture his essence on paper.

    You can view it here, and if you like it, please contact me, as I would like to send you the print.

    The drawing is in no way for sale or available to anyone else, it is simply my contribution to you and your daughter’s memories of Fred. I find sudden loss difficult, especially when there there is such an element of unexpectedness, and as a way of understanding or coming to terms with the loss of a beloved companion better, I always offer some sort of tribute, either in the form of a poem, or a drawing (it’s one of my quirks, I think).

    As I did not know him, I thought that in this instance a drawing would be nice. I hope you don’t mind.


  10. There is nothing quite as sad as loosing a special pet, as they always stay close to your heart. But I know he is smiling knowing how much you love him and how much you cherished those special moments with him that made you smile.


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