On top of the world, looking down on creation…

Wow, living with 6, now 5 young adults is hectic.  Don’t worry, I didn’t kill one.  The Bean’s boyfriend is not with us all the time that’s all!  Thanks to a brilliant chef/cook/recipe book author/ friend of mine, all our food has been pre-prepared for us.

Today I took them all up to the peak of our highest mountain here, Mariepskop. I have previously posted about this wonderful place which you can read here for more info.

They had an absolute ball.  Here they all are having a picnic lunch.

hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

Note our visitors from Belgium are dressed for summer and the local resident girls are freezing. It was about 19 deg C but with a nippy breeze blowing every now and then.

Michael the goat

Michael was a rock climbing natural and just seemed to cling to rocks like a goat.

Getting to the best sitting rock

Only four were brave enough to climb to the best sitting rock in the world.  Two of us remained behind to photgraph the clamber.

Finally there

On top of the world

I took the following picture for fellow blogger Heather (2Summers) who loves rock formations and seeing shapes in rocks. She recently dedicated a whole blog post to rocks!

What do you see?

and finally some trick photography….


I’m not too sure how I captured this, he was just clambering around and when I downloaded the photos I saw him mid-air.
Wish us luck for the rest of the week, we will be visiting quite a few different places.

Crazy bunch 🙂

8 thoughts on “On top of the world, looking down on creation…

    • Was doing military service there in 1978 & 79. This was our “min dae perd”. It was spray painted on the rock. Obviously removed now. I am missing that place so much, the best time of my life. Obviously didn’t realise it then.


      • it really is lovely up there. Would love to see some pictures of the “perd” spray painted. Thank you for your story – it adds so much to get a little history.


  1. 19 degrees C – brrr! It is one of the coldest winters I have experienced since coming to the Lowveld, shorts and t-shirts seem a million miles away!

    I don’t know about there (I think it is a bit warmer?), but nights here are spent huddled in blankets (we have an aversion to heaters and sadly no fireplace).

    Breathtaking views and beautiful blue skies, an idyllic life and place….


    • Really cold at night here too – much colder than last winter. We also have no heaters because they are so unnecessary here normally – I just wish my hot blanket hadn’t died.


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