Procrastination Place

That should be the name of our cottages.  Purely because I am still really struggling to make a final decision on a name – I just keep putting it off.  Well the deadline that I set has arrived and It’s time to make the call.

I have had so many wonderful suggestions from you all – here on my blog and on Facebook. Thank you.

My short-list this afternoon had these 10 names on.

  • Fat Monkey Lodge
  • Dreamer’s Den
  • African Ochre
  • Baobab Bungalows
  • Jackal’s Den
  • Rustic Rest
  • Rustic Rock Lodge
  • Rustic Rock
  • Rusty Moon
  • Canyon Creek

Firstly I had to remove any that were similar to lodges in the area, so Baobab Bungalows and Rustic Rest had to go.  Secondly, names that could be misleading also had to go so out went Fat Monkey Lodge (we don’t have monkeys on the property) and I removed Dreamer’s Den and Rusty Moon because they didn’t really reflect that African bush scene that I so wanted to portray. I also nearly removed Canyon Creek at this stage but because the river that runs around the farm actually dug the third biggest canyon in the world – it was quite relevant. I was then left with:

  • African Ochre
  • Jackal’s Den
  • Rustic Rock Lodge
  • Rustic Rock
  • Canyon Creek

I enlisted the Bean to assist as she also has to live here and should also have a say.  She eliminated Canyon Creek (not bushy enough) and African Ochre (sounds too fancy for our little spot). Although I loved those two names I did agree that they were not entirely suitable when checking against my list of needs. Between Rustic Rock and Rustic Rock Lodge – we both preferred Rustic Rock Lodge but she mentioned that because many of the 5-star places around here are called lodges – we may be grouped with them and give visitors  expectations that we could not meet. So the final name is

Jackal’s Den

Reasons why I like this name:

  1. My name is Jackie Dean so there is a play on words there.
  2. A jackal represents the harshness of the bush here. As a lower predator (rustic) they have to struggle to find food, often pinching from carcasses already killed and partially eaten by higher predators.
  3. We have jackals on the property.
  4. They are nocturnal and have a beautiful call mostly heard at night. ( African night scene reflected here.)
  5. I love jackals (see this post)

So this weekend, while I finish up the cottage to take photos, I will live with the name to make sure it fits. If it does not, Canyon Creek and Rustic Rock Lodge will be called back into play and when I make my website on Monday – I HAVE to have it all decided.

Thanks again for all the help.

Does your home have a name?




17 thoughts on “Procrastination Place

  1. I was gonna suggest “Cannonballing Gorilla’s Retreat Spa and Swimming Club”…….. Darn I hate that I was late to the party….. 🙂


  2. No, but my car does 🙂 . I just got a new (used car) that I’ve been wanting for over a year. It’s my Kiwi (that’s the name of the color). It’s such a cute car and the color was so important to me, so it’s perfect that it’s MY KIWI (which will be my plates too)!

    As for the house, we just bought a house that we will share with my Mom. When we move in we’ll have to see if a name for it comes or not…

    I wonder if setting an arbitrary deadline is really a good thing. Mercury is about to go retrograde, and odds are good that you will be changing it again. In my experience with naming things (living or not), it just comes…and when it does, you know it!


    • Your car sounds so cute – would love to see a picture! I have been quite happy to keep thinking about a name and not make a decision for over a year now, however, I have to advertise my cottage (as B&B accommodation) and therefore need to start building a brand which is just so much easier if it has a name.


  3. The place where I spent the first year of my life was in a 3rd floor apartment in Minneapolis, MN. My parents called it, “The Crow’s Nest.” I always liked that name. I live on a farm place now that is still named after its original occupants even though we are the 3rd owners of the property.And I don’t mind that. Almost everyone from the area knows where the Rewitzer Farm is…

    Jackal’s Den is a good name!


  4. Congrats on picking a name. Fits perfectly from your description!

    Our house is called the ‘Donau Haus’ because we live right next to the Danube!! It’s completely unimaginative! But it stuck, as we chose between 8 different houses and we referred to it constantly, ‘Which house? The Donau Haus!’

    Now I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures!!


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