Operation ostrich egg

After much deliberation about what to make with my ostrich egg, I decided that because I had never tasted one and also because I had read that the flavour is  “wilder” than hens eggs, I would just make a simple scrambled egg. I did not want to include other ingredients in case I ended up not liking the taste and would need to discard the entire dish.

With the help of my parents who were visiting for a few days (dad – driller and taster, mom – photographer and advisor) we set about preparing the egg.

First you need to drill quite a large hole in the bottom of the egg (I chose to only make one hole to preserve the shell as completely as possible)

We did make the hole a little larger than pictured above, I then inserted a spike to break and mix up the yolk and egg white inside the shell. All that was left was to shake out the contents (without messing – I got egg all over myself 🙂 )

The egg contents filled a medium-sized mixing bowl – that’s a lot of egg!

and a quick mix and scramble

My dad and I had a taste – and I must say that I did not notice a “wild” flavour at all. It tasted just like ordinary scrambled egg. Needless to say we had way too much egg so Cleo got a few portions with her meals and the wild birds got to taste quite a bit too.  Next time I get an ostrich egg I will definitely make a few Quiche to freeze.


9 thoughts on “Operation ostrich egg

  1. Always wondered how it would taste – now I know. Thanks 🙂

    Bet it took an age to shake out!? I remember when my kids were small I use to blow out chicken eggs so that they could paint them at Easter – and it seemed to take ages, for the little eggs they were…


    • Egg storage and shelf life is a rather contentious subject – and I go against all the advised methods. I was once told by a scientist researching eggs that an egg lasts longer if it is never refrigerated due to an enzyme present in the eggs that acts as a natural preservative – this makes sense to me as nature keeps eggs in nests for quite a while before they hatch. I store my eggs in a cool place outside of my refrigerator for sometimes over 2 months and they are still fine. All food advisers would advise on refrigeration and to consume within 2 months of laying.


      • are you sure that ostrich can fresh for two months outside the refrigerator.if so then it surprising for me


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