Creativity – make time

I find that when I had less time available to me and I was more stressed, I made more time for my creative side.  Since I left my job, I have not been painting nearly as much and I should. I get so much joy from it.

Remember this?

It’s taken me about three months to get back to this painting. Last night I worked on the colours a bit more and started on my tree.  I just love getting lost in a painting.

A little bit more work and it should be finished.

On another note – our sign for Jackal’s Den has arrived. Made for us by Vanessa from Splinters.

I need to live with it for a while before I decide where I am going to be hanging it.  It will be near our entrance but I have about 5 spots to choose from.

What do you do to stimulate your creativity and how often do you make time for it?


16 thoughts on “Creativity – make time

  1. while not technically creative, i find web-building quite stimulating and a good technical / creative alternative to the more conceptual work i do. that, and playing drums! cool paintings!


  2. I love the painting! I totally agree with you about the creativity… I have less and less time for anything other than work, and I am becoming more and more stressed


  3. Gosh, Jackie, I love your painting. It’s stunning. I so wish I could create anything that is the least bit representational.
    I often collage when I need to do something creative–though these days I’m making lots of Christmas ornaments.
    Thanks so much for sharing your art!


  4. I find the more often other people are creative. i.e paint and publish it online to be very stimulating and encouraging. When I don’t have or make time to paint then I will spend time reading about it,or looking up art related content on the internet. But that also takes up precious time and can become an excuse. Quite honestly if I spent as much time painting as I did thinking of painting I might actually get somewhere !?!


    • I think the thinking part can sometimes be just as creative – once I find a picture to paint I can spend may hours just thinking about it in my head and I get almost as much satisfaction from that process 🙂


  5. I find when I am not creating I am not whole. Creating keeps me healthy and oddly enough, although I am a painter, have sculpted, etc… I find now that it just has to be something – anything that involves some sort of problem solving. Planning out fence lines, working on house plans, writing, photo layouts, and gardening. Yikes should I go back and take a mathematics course!? On second thought I will get my sketchbook out. Cheers to your lovely painting!


  6. My outlets are writing and photography. Both of which I have been neglecting because I’ve been too busy stressing about where we would move to now that our house has been sold. I definitely need to get back to my artistic outlets.

    Love the artwork (and the new sign)…they’re beautiful.


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