Pushing creative boundaries

When it comes to painting, I’m a landscape/animal/still life/buildings kinda girl. I also tend towards using acrylic and oil paints just because they are easier and more forgiving. So when I go to art group and Anne starts talking about painting faces or portraits I have a rather strange reaction.

This is how my mind works when this happens:

  1. I am so not in the mood to paint faces.
  2. I can’t paint faces.
  3. Another flop painting coming up.
  4. Maybe I should just paint something else tonight and not join in on the group activity.
I have a similar reaction when Anne starts discussing using other types of media besides acrylic and oils.
These things are obviously outside my comfort zone. ย Tonight was no exception, and when Anne said we would be working on facial expressions, I was just about to opt out. Then she said we would work in water-colour and pastel – well that was me out of the equation.
Then I remembered my collage that I made recently and how much I enjoyed making it. So I decided to participate – purely for the experience and not to produce a work of art. ย When I get involved in my piece, just for the great joy I get out of the process, all the pressure is relieved and I can let go and just have fun.
While my painting I did tonight is no great work of art – it was so stimulating painting it.
African woman – facial expressions, water-colour and pastel.
So from now on – I am going to try new things and push my boundaries a bit. Try it – it’s an extremely rewarding experience.

10 thoughts on “Pushing creative boundaries

  1. I love your painting, Jackie! I can’t tell you how much I wish I could paint anything other than the abstract. Your sharing these projects you’re trying me, inspires me to push my creative boundaries, as well. Thank you for that gift, my friend!


  2. Actually in my humble…
    Its Not bad at all I immediately noticed it when scrolling trough the blogs
    Somehow It has that hand sketched /shaded look Like a drawing Very interesting for a water color painting.

    I love it!


  3. I love it…the combination looks like part sketch and part painting, and the colors you chose seem to flow through without grounding it too much. Very fluid and ethereal. I find it a very appealing.


  4. Hello Jackie

    as usual you are much too modest ๐Ÿ™‚ You are spot on about the comfort zone thing though. It’s all about living life isn’t it?

    Looking forward to seeing you again in a couple of weeks.


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