While on the subject….

I know that many of you are far away from the problems we face here in South Africa, and my pet subject at the moment (rhino poaching) may not mean much to you in real terms.

However, I ask you to bear with me for this month as September is rhino protection month. Sept 22 is rhino day.

I shared this picture on Facebook earlier today and because of the comments I received I thought it good to share it with you if only to increase world-wide awareness of what is happening here.  If you look at the statistics, one rhino is being poached every 21 hours in South Africa. There are not many left.  Baby rhinos are being orphaned and many of them die after seeing their mothers mutilated and killed.

So I’ll ask you, how does this picture make you feel?


PS: Facebook friends – sorry for the repeat.


14 thoughts on “While on the subject….

  1. No question that we don’t find this relevant. I enjoy you blog so much. Think it is great you are concerned about the rhino and you can’t post too much about this.



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