Early bird

Not having normal working hours, I find that my body clock is reverting to its natural rhythm. Unfortunately my natural rhythm is a bit wonky, as I function best late at night.  Over the past few weeks I have been staying up well past midnight getting much more work done late at night than during the day.  Because the Bean still has to get to school, I am still up at 5.30am to drive her to the end of the sand road where she gets her lift.  The morning ride is done mostly in silence and in my pajamas as I am really half asleep still.  Contrary to what I would have done a few years back, I don’t get back into bed after I have dropped her, but plod along not getting too much done due to being quite tired.

Last night we went out to friends for dinner.  We had a super time and I had some good red wine (which I love but have not had much alcohol lately).  This resulted in me going to bed early for a change at around 11pm, and at 5 minutes to 5 this morning I was wide awake.  The first light was just beginning to seep through the trees when Cleo and I took off into the bush for a stroll. While I stood in awe and watched the sun come up to the music of hundreds of birds calling, I realised that I need to make some changes.

I am missing out on the beauty of the day especially the early mornings.  My wonderful environment is here to be enjoyed, so to motivate me I have added this picture that I took this morning as my blog header – I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


18 thoughts on “Early bird

  1. Go for it Jackie! I’m the same as you when at home – work until the wee hours – often on not very important stuff & then miss one of the best times of the day! The best motivator will be to get Cleo used to walking at dawn – & she will make sure you are up in time 🙂


  2. Beautiful photo! I’ve also always been more of a night person. However, since we got Rosie, I’ve been getting up earlier to walk her in the morning – at first light. It is lovely out at that time in the morning, and its so nice being able to see the sunrise.


  3. Glorious sunrise. Here we say ‘le monde appartient à ceux qui se lèvent tôt’ (the world belongs to those who get up early). Particularly as you are moving towards lighter mornings now. I shall be venturing out progressively later as it gets darker…


  4. It’s interesting to see what people’s natural rhythms are once they let go of the I-have-to-get-up-for-work notions. My own rhythms are decidedly later morning than my forced rhythms, though by your body’s rhythms, I’m still waaaaay too early to retire 😉


  5. Die oggend is so vars en “crisp”- as jy verstaan wat ek bedoel! En as jy nog n lekker moer-koffietjie saam geniet, nog wonderlikker!
    Jou foto is pragtig – maak my verlang!


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