A forced finish

Yesterday, another farm owner on our reserve called in to our cottages to let me know they would be on the property for a few days.  He saw my unfinished paintings and promptly bought one of them from me – paying me there and then.  Nothing like that to motivate me to finally make the finishing touches to two of my paintings last night.

And here they are

He bought the Hornbill painting.  I am going to have to get myself into gear and start painting more pictures.  It’s a great income earner for me.


16 thoughts on “A forced finish

  1. How wonderful! Between your paintings and your photographs, you should do very well!!! You can open up an online store and link it to the website for your cottage rentals and you’ll be doing great!! Congratulations 🙂


  2. Simply…..amazing Jackie! You were a very talented artist when I first found your blog and saw what you were posting of your original art pieces. Now….you are a true artist! Seriously, as you know I vacation in the mountains of New Mexico every summer. There are a ton of artists that live up there and the little town has a bunch of galleries in which these people try to sell their work. You paintings are better than 99% of the stuff that I see up there and you would not believe the prices people are getting for their works. You would make a killing up there! You are indeed an Artist….. who just moonlights as a B&B Owner on the side 🙂


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