Sunday brunch at the river

Of the eleven properties on our reserve, six have homes on. Well, to call them homes is a little generous – lets just say semi-livable structures.  The Bean and I are the only people living on the reserve permanently.  A few of the other owners pop in a few times a year.  This weekend though, five of the six homes have been occupied.  I wouldn’t like it to be like this all the time, but it has been rather nice seeing everyone and visiting a bit.

This morning we were invited to Lawyer P’s house for brunch. (Three of the owners here are lawyers).  He is the purchaser of my hornbill painting.  Doctor H has a wooden hut on the property next door to Lawyer P and he offered to cook.  Both of their homes are built out of wood – I guess we could call them cabins.  They are situated right on the river, built in the riverine forest.

 It’s a good idea to build in the forest if you have a wooden house – just to keep it cool in summer.  They do not have electricity, and they pump their water from the river.  Hot water for showering is warmed in a donkey (a tin drum with a fire under it.)

Here is the view of Lawyer P’s house – taken from the river bank.

Breakfast was prepared on an open fire – we ate sausages and bacon and scrambled eggs, served with bread and a glass of fresh fruit juice for the Bean and I.  P & H had beer!!

This is the view from the deck.

The reflections on the river were just beautiful this morning.

The water looked so inviting – if you didn’t know any better you would dive right in but …..

Yep, that’s right – no swimming in the river here. Crocodile and hippo are spotted regularly.

These cabins can sleep 6 people comfortably but story has it that in the past they have had 30 people stay over.  The great thing is that we can use the cabins when the owners are not here – just for a riverside meal or when we have more people staying over than our cottages can handle.

On our way home we saw so many animals too – everything is coming alive as the bush slowly turns green.



17 thoughts on “Sunday brunch at the river

  1. Thank you for sharing! As my partner and I are planning a move to the Hoedspruitt bush area soon. I will continue to look for your postings on life in the area. I am a photo enthusiaist also, and hope to spend much of my time in SA with camera in hand.


      • We took a month long safari and feel in love with Arfica, the land, the people, and the life. We are closing on a property in Hoedspruit on the Olifants River. We are planning to visit before years end, then more frequently in 2012.
        We have lots to learn, and can not wait to get started.

        Hope to stay in touch! In the meantime we will enjoy your blog postings.

        Best to you!


    • No I did not know anyone of them. We picked Hoedspruit because of the school in town for the Bean. When we moved here ( I was with my partner then still) we stayed in a caravan park and started looking for property. This one was about the 5th property we viewed and I just fell in love with it. I put in an offer and after 9 months of negotiation it became mine. During those nine months my partner and I broke up – but I decided that I was not going to give up my dream and continued on on my own.


    • Thank you – I’m enjoying playing with the pictures. The cabins are very basic but nice. Some people would struggle without electricity and having to make a fire to get their water hot and having to cook everything on the fire – I love it but don’t think I would manage to live like that permanently especially with a child at school.


  2. I’ve just returned home from a family visit (in Tennessee) and am still in the process of catching up. Love the post and scenes from your weekend. We had meals with friends too, but nothing cooked over an open fire. Beer for breakfast – I usually save that for days when I’m going out for a day of deepsea fishing – but not a bad idea for a weekend meal. Thanks for sharing, Jackie!


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