And the rain begins to fall….

Our first spring rain fell at 3am this morning.  It was a hot thunderstorm.  Cleo woke us up – she doesn’t like the thunder.  I sat on the veranda in the dark watching the first drops fall. I wish I could describe the electric atmosphere and the smell.  My cousin said to me today that you don’t get that smell anywhere else -she lives in Australia now.  I have been in rain in many places in the world and I would have to agree.  There is nothing like the first spring rains in Africa.

We had another storm at lunchtime today and it is threatening to fall again.  The trees look greener already – it’s amazing how they seem to change overnight.


As I type up this post we have just had a warning over the radio of possibilities of severe thunderstorms for today and tomorrow.  The sky is dark with cloud – lets hope that all these storms bring is good water for our land and that no one gets hurt.  We have had two tornadoes in South Africa over the last 24 hours – almost unheard of in our country and people have been killed and injured.  It’s so sad that this beautiful weather can also be so cruel.




8 thoughts on “And the rain begins to fall….

    • Thanks Mark. The tornadoes have been far south of us – its just the storms that may be bad they say. SA only has tornadoes about once every 50 years although I think our last one was in 1991.


  1. There’s nothing like the smell of rain on dusty land. Wherever you are I guess it’s a different smell. But incredibly evocative all the same.


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