Oh my blog!

My blog got an award.  This is not just any award.  I don’t usually do the blog award thing but this one is different.  Because I earned it.  I fought for someones honour.

My blog-friend Mark from The Idiot Speaketh was attacked by a retired war veteran with PTSD and NPD and called many bad things and he has awarded this award to those who stood up and defended his honour.

However, he also requires the following from me to be able to show this badge:

1. You must display this award on your own blog so that others will know of your service and bravery.
2. You must do a solo interpretive dance to any 70′s Disco song of your choice, preferably while wearing underwear.
3. You must list on your blog a detailed description of your most embarrassing obsessive-compulsive disorder affliction.
4. You must try to visit at least 3 new blogs today. Go to blogs you already visit and then visit the blogs of 3 commenters who’s blogs you have never visited.
5. You must approach someone within your family, workplace, or school, that is obviously having a bad day, and you must grab them by the shoulders, shake them violently if needed, and then scream at the top of your lungs…”Lighten up already!! SMILE!!!! Life is too freaking short to be in a bad mood!!!”. If you honestly have no one you can accost, a small pet, toy, stuffed animal, or ham, will also work.

Some of these things are really difficult for me – I think I live in a different world.

1. Is easy – you see the badge.

2. I like music, but never remember the title, the singer, or which era it came from. Also I don’t have much of a music collection.  Send me a song Mark and I’ll dance (and I always wear underwear 🙂 )

3.  I don’t have OCD and any form.  I wish I did.  Then at least something in my home would be neat and orderly.

4. Done.

5. My child is happy, my dog is happy, I don’t have a workplace and I live miles from anyone else.  My minimalistic lifestyle is such that I don’t have stuffed toys or a ham. So instead I found a tree that has “weeping” in its name and gave it a hug.  Hope this will suffice Mark?

Hmm – that’s a beautiful tree –  think I’ll tell you about it next …..


Lets remember this : You can disagree, you can get cross, you can get angry, you can even shout, but there is never, ever a reason to be rude or hurtful.

8 thoughts on “Oh my blog!

  1. Too funny, Jackie! Thank God you had the tree to hug! I’m sure our dear Idiot will be pleased with your acceptance of his fine award! I love the blogosphere–despite the vet who was so obnoxious. We have such a great sense of community. I feel hugged by it all the time.


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