Missing in action

You may have noticed a lack of posts coming from my neck of the woods. Sadly, it is because I have lost my camera – my right hand. It was either pinched or dropped while I was at a school function on the weekend.

Now my shopping principles are as follows – not to buy things new if I can get them nearly new or second hand (and there are not many second hand cameras in good working order around). Also, even although I really love taking photos and sharing them, right now while I try to build up my business, buying a camera is not a priority purchase.  To buy a new camera would entail driving at least 4 hours (there and back) if I want to get a good one in Nelspruit where they would be cheaper.  Our camera shop here is quite expensive and caters mainly to tourists. So weighing this all up, I am not going to be able to get a camera anytime soon.

I will still try to post regularly but please forgive the lack of new pictures.


12 thoughts on “Missing in action

  1. Know the feeling – mine ceased to exist (mechanically) a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully, my phone stood in until I managed to purchase one from Incredible Connection (R800.) Reckon they are the cheapest…

    Why not sign up to Freecycle in your area (probably Gauteng) and see if anyone has one they don’t require anymore.


  2. Jackie, maybe have a look at Outdoorphoto.co.za, their shop (not sure if that is new or used stuff), but I believe they have quite a good classified section.

    We also have to start scouting around, the last thing we need is a camera that runs flat or out of memory before the baby comes, and ours has become temperamental in its old age!


    • Hi Mellissa – I just found your comments now in my spam queue for some reason. Thanks for the suggestions anyway 🙂 – glad I have my camera back. I hope you find a good one soon too. Good luck with the birth of your baby. J


  3. That’s a shame. Horrid when you lose something so important to you, worse still if you suspect it may have been pinched.

    I hope you have some luck with freecycle!


  4. I am so sorry about your camera. I never go anywhere without mine. If you need photos of Mariepskop and the view from there, I am willing to part with mine. Was up there a year ago


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