Welcome home.

Our pair of paradise fly catchers arrived home today from their winter holidays.

They seem to arrive on exactly the same date every year. Normally about a week after I see the first ones in the area.  This is the third summer that I have been watching them build their nest in the exact same spot on the very same branch of the same tree.  Last year, if you remember, they hatched two lots of chicks. The second lot got eaten by something though, so I was afraid they might not return to the same tree this year.  They arrived this morning and are already hard at work building their new nest and catching bugs out of our swimming pool, swooping down and skimming the surface each time.  I can spend hours and hours just watching them.

Welcome home Peter and Maggie – may you lay many eggs and rear your babies to full size.

(Above photo of Maggie was taken by Steve Walker © last summer. You can see more of his photography here)


11 thoughts on “Welcome home.

  1. What a beauty! And a very good photo as well! Can’t wait to get to Hoedspruit and live full time. It,s great to have these glimpses into the cycle and pace of life in South Africa.


  2. How lovely! Good luck to them this year. It is such a great feeling when the movements of animals coincide regularly with the human routine: like having friends or family come home each year. We look forward to the arrival of the swallows each spring who always nest in our barn. It is so sad when they leave and we know that winter lies ahead.


  3. I understand. Each summer I used to wait for the sound of the Rainbow Birds…..but I’ll miss them this year as I’ve moved too far south for them. I look forward to the unfolding story of your birds:-)


  4. Beautiful bird – our summer birds have all gone home but now the winter birds are beginning to arrive in force. I really enjoy winter birding – no crowds at the shore and I can wander as far as I want with very little to disturb me..love the solitude.


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