Jack of all trades?

I think what makes the difference between someone who is an expert at something and someone who is not, is the ability of that person to face repetition.  That’s why I am a jack of all trades and master of none.

I do not like repetition and reworking anything. I rarely read a book twice or watch a movie for a second time. Once I have learned to make something, unless each item is totally different with its own challenges, I will probably not make it again, unless I can eat it 🙂

This issue in itself presents a problem for me when it comes to my art and painting.  When I choose a picture to paint, I need it to be a little challenging, however, once I have spent some hours on it and feel I have stood up to the challenges, I get a little irritated if it is not finished and sometimes walk away from it and do not finish it for quite some time.

Last week I decided to paint a picture that I have painted before which is very unusual for me.  The reason for this is that I painted it originally using digital media (ie on a computer program with virtual paint and brushes using a mouse).  I liked the picture quite a bit and decided that I would like a real live painting to hang or sell, so I attempted it in acrylic.

By the end of my painting session I was quite tired of the picture again and my brushes were shedding hairs for some strange reason so it is not finished yet and needs some further work.  I think I will give it a few weeks though before I come back to it. My mind is already on my next picture…..


14 thoughts on “Jack of all trades?

  1. go on…. challenge yourself! Give yourself a deadline, think what a waste of materials and your time it would be not to finish it…..
    It is certainly good enough to sell so use that as a bit of motivational k.u.y.bs


    • Lol Sue – it will get finished in its own time. To me, I get as much value out of the process as I do from the finished object, so even unfinished paintings are not a waste at all – in fact the process is about 80% of my enjoyment. From past experience, if I attempt to paint when my heart is not in it, I just end up messing the picture.

      I shudder at the word deadline now LOL – my life has changed so much 🙂 It’s not called a slow life for nothing. It ‘s good to take your time. Well I enjoy it anyway…..
      When are you leaving on your trip?


      • on the road on Saturday, can’t wait :)) I think we are going to be a little hot?? November is perhaps not the mildest time of the year to be in that part of the world 🙂

        Well, we all do things differently, thank goodness. I wish you much more enjoyment whilst journeying on towards the finished painting.


  2. I love that painting! The apple looks so refreshing! It’s apple harvesting time of year in my part of the world. You should have no trouble selling that painting. Looking forward to seeing your next works…


  3. Good God, that’s amazing, Jackie! Congratulations on creating such a stunning painting. You sound like my Sara. She can’t stand to be bored. Once a challenge is conquered, she moves on the next one. Makes for an interesting life for sure–disaster response–always new–always challenging–never quite the same.


  4. I’m not usually into ‘still life’ which is what I think this is, but for me it’s simply bursting with life! Where’s Eve?! 🙂


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