Patio – part 2

If you did not read my first post about my patio you may be a little lost. You can read it here.

Yesterday we completed the structure to grow the creepers on and today we dug and built the foundation for the small retaining wall that will be necessary to level the floor.  This is my first building project so everything is a bit of an experiment.  I must thank Warren and the Bean’s boyfriend (who I am now going to call Bushboy) for all their help on this project so far.


13 thoughts on “Patio – part 2

  1. Hi Framework looks good. Some Ideas for creepers 1 MANDEVILLA SPLENDENS (evergreen sought-after climber with shell pink flowers) 2BEGONIA CHERERE (phaedranthus. Mexican trumpet) 3GOLDEN SHOWER (Pyrostegia venusta) 4JADE VINE(strongylodon macrobotrys) (Rated one of the worlds most spectacular climbers) My choice by far if you can get one


  2. I admire you for tackling these jobs yourself, bet it’s hugely rewarding seeing the results. I’m making notes of your dad’s advice as well 🙂 I have what I believe is a type of honeysuckle that spreads well, evergreen and in spring-summer shares it’s utterly beautiful scent with those nearby. Bit scruffy in the highveld winter though. Now if your patio is perfumed! Looking forward to seeing the ‘completed’ pics and the progress of your creeper(s)!


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