Painting progress

I am back home from the mad, crazy city. As we drove back over the mountain after 5 and a half hours in the car we all felt the atmosphere change and my muscles in my neck began to relax.

My son’s wedding was wonderful and it was extra special being able to see my family again but I must say that there is no place like home.

Before I left I did some more work on my current painting and thought you may like to see the progress.  Tomorrow I must get back into gear and get working again.


15 thoughts on “Painting progress

  1. Once your beautiful fish eagle painting is finished, what would you sell it for? and can we please see some more of your wildlife paintings!!


    • Hi Carol, if you click on my categories on the right hand side of my blog page and select art you will see my art. I am really just getting started on wildlife and I just love it. This painting is a commission so it is already sold and my next painting is already ordered by someone – and then I have two more commissions to do after that. My prices vary depending on size, medium and the time it takes me to paint it. This one is 60cm’s x 45 cm’s and sold for R2000.00


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