Sometimes life is just like a cats tongue.

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I am a happy, positive person. So much so that I think I may irritate people a bit – especially those that don’t like happy, positive people.  I think they think I’m a fake.  How can someone always be so happy and positive – impossible?

But really – I am.  My life is so simple now – I follow a natural rhythm that has just seemed to have happened and I am so very happy just being me.  It’s been exceptionally good since I stopped working at the packhouse and started on Jackal’s Den.

Have I been living in an ideal little bubble? Maybe…… but it’s been so darn nice.

That is till I went to Johannesburg two weeks ago. I forgot to put on my body armour, my little self protective wall that comes in so handy when there are so many people around. I think I got a little battered and bruised there.

I have never liked conflict but have had to deal with it from time to time when i was working in the corporate world, but that was a few years ago now.  When I got to Johannesburg – the mad rushing crowd started me off, then I had a nasty run in with the man who thatched the Bean’s roof.

Also there was a little bit of family conflict around my son and his wedding (not on our side thank goodness) and a few other minor family things that got me on edge.  By mid-week I wanted to hop in my car and come home to my sanctuary.

My Father is also not well and he sat me down while I was there and told me that he has decided not to go back to hospital again. I don’t want this to happen.

I got back here to the farm and after a few quiet days, another owner on the farm was here visiting his portion, when he dropped down dead from a heart attack. It was such a shock as I had been chatting to him a few hours before he died.  He loved it here although he could only get here about once a month. It was also his sanctuary but it could not protect him from everything. He was the man who bought my hornbill painting. His funeral is tomorrow.

Also another sadness when I found out that a fellow blogger had lost the love of her life after such a short time together. It made me weep. Life is so fragile yet we tend to blunder through it pretending we are invincible. We are not.

I need to get back into my groove here – I miss my little bubble – as idealistic as it may be – it makes me happy.  I just need to first finish fighting with my bank manager……………..

I have come to the conclusion that sometimes life is like a cats tongue……rough.

My sincerest condolences go out to the du Plessis family and to Heather Mason of 2Summers.



18 thoughts on “Sometimes life is just like a cats tongue.

  1. A great, reflective post! I so agree with you about being happier leading a simpler life. I had to re-evaluate my priorities a several years ago because of a health issue. The thing that meant a lot to me – my career – meant nothing without having good health. But as you also found “real life” and tragedy has a way of disturbing the tranquility and making one realise how tough life really is.


  2. Glad I’m not the only one who prefers her bubble! Sorry to hear about all the rough stuff. Heather’s loss made me weep too. Artists and photographers live on though, through their work…
    Hope your father feels better soon. I hate the idea of hospitals too.


  3. I too live in a cozy bubble of happiness….that I like.

    I’m sorry to hear about your intense rough patch and hope your soul is soothed soon.


  4. I enjoy your blog, it’s part of my bubble! There has to be rough with the good. And sometimes the rough feels unbearable, especially when the ‘rough’ is happening to family. Without a bit of rough here and there, we might become familiar with, blase about, the good. There really is no bubble (right?). I think I understand your daddy’s feelings. Enjoy all the good, brave the rough, and keep on sharing, it helps others more than you might realise. Thanks & God bless!


  5. Last night I – watched a man and woman argue over a shopping cart, heard a driver blow her horn at an elderly woman as she tried to walk through a crosswalk in a walker, and listened to shoppers argue over who got to a newly opened checkout line first. There are times when I wonder what has happened to common decency and respect – with the crush of large crowds, long days, and too many things to get done in not nearly enough time, people seem all too eager to vent their frustrations on anyone unfortuante enough to stumble across their path.

    Got an extra bubble?


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